About Hemp Care

This online store is called Hemp Care, but much more is meant by this name than hemp is good for your health. Hemp is the poster child plant of the green economy.  Hemp can be used to create an incredible array of products.  Foods, fabrics, building materials, fuels, and medicines can all be derived from hemp all while sequestering carbon. Banning or limiting its presence is simply anti-green.  

Hemp Care seeks to promote the use of hemp and that is one reason why hemp is the first ingredient in Bud Rub.  Of course we assert that hemp seed oil is great for your skin and is an integral part of the value provided by Bud Rub and that is why it was chosen, but the broader benefits are just as important. 

Farmers are important here too.  Our thanks go out to the men and women who work the land to grow hemp for us all.  They deserve our thanks for both the hard work that goes into running a farm and for their enduring the impediments placed in their way by government officials who seek to limit hemp's role in our economy.

farmer harvesting.jpeg
How can we do more?

To help promote hemp as a product Hemp Care invites you to work with us selling your hemp products. Do you make a consumer product such as soap, or fabric, or paper (straws?), or any of the other products hemp can be used to create? Contact us and let's talk about selling your product here on Hemp Care.


We also invite anyone who wants to earn extra income promoting this product.  You can order Bud Rub at wholesale prices and sell it to people you know or through your own bricks and mortar or online store. Perhaps you sell on the weekends at your local market?  Try selling Bud Rub to earn extra money and contribute to a greener future.