Charles Joseph

Recently Charles Joseph was interviewed by Jordan Peterson on his Youtube channel and as of this writing he received over half a million views. There is also a long list of comments from a great variety of people who were moved by the story Charles shared with Jordan. It is moving to hear the terrible truth of how cruel and barbarous some people can act. I find it profoundly ironic that these perpetrators were considered Christian either by themselves or others. I had a completely different view of what it meant to be Christian. These people seemed more akin to the kind of people who prosecuted the holocaust in Nazi Germany.

When I first moved to Alert Bay St. Michael's school still stood and dominated the view as one approached the island on the ferry. The building was in poor shape appearing as though might collapse both from neglect and from the weight of its past. From very early on I heard the stories of what that place meant to people. The terrible treatment of the children who were held captive there in what was, in essence, a prison for children whose crime it was to be born native was told to me frequently. I often wondered why these stories weren't widely known. How could I live in the country all my life and have no idea what had been done in our recent past?