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CBD adds hope!

Yesterday was a tough day. My good friend of the past 13 years, my dog Kaidence, was found to have cancer in her tongue. The prognosis isn't good and she is expected to only have a few months before she will no longer be able to swallow and have to be euthanised. I must have spent half an hour i the parking lot crying. I drove aimlessly for another half an hour and went to see my son who had found her as a puppy wandering the streets alone.

And then it hit me. CBD oil! I could possibly turn this around and heal her instead of waiting for her to become so ill that she has to leave us too soon. I had read so many times that CBD heals people with cancer. So many times, too, have I read that it works well on our best friends too. What is there to lose? Suddenly we have hope. CBD adds hope. I have a reason to believe she will recover and live for many more years.

This morning I began the treatment using supplies I had on hand. 1400 mg of pure CBD were added to 20.0 mL of certified organic hemp seed oil making enough for 20 70 mg doses to be given over 10 days. I'm going to use this blog to document the progress of her treatment. At this point I have no idea what to expect after only 10 days and do plan to obtain more CBD immediately to continue the treatment for 30 days.

What will be the measured to determine progress? Right now she is unable pant properly or extend her tongue to lick. She drools excessively and has very foul breath. Improvements there will be initial measures with a follow up exam at the vet in 30 days. Future blog posts will report on any progress.

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