My Personal Healing Journey

This photo makes me miss summer.

For around 40 years I have been home to a growing body of injuries that reflected my active lifestyle and bestowed on me ongoing pain that only increased as I aged. Injuries I sustained in my teens came back in my 30s and 40s to haunt me, and as a little as 5 years ago I expected this was what life was going to be like until life was no more. Now I can say that it is the pain that is no more (almost :-) ), and each day my functioning improves.

I created BC Bud Rub and founded Farend Natural Products, the company that makes it, so you might expect me to jump right in and say BC Bud Rub did it all. I will not be making such a claim here. Life's not so easy that all it takes is a few rubs of an ointment to rid one's self of years of injuries. Bud Rub did help me on many occasions and made a big difference when I needed to sleep of just focus on something other than a throbbing shoulder or hip. Some of my joints really lit me up with aches and pains and some degree of immobility.

I can't count how many times I'd hear something like "you're older now, you have to take it easy now." It sounded a whole lot like, "lay down and die already." I refused. Instead, I tried to reintegrate some of my former activities into my life again. More riding. Morning yoga. I really emphasised the yoga and imagined it was the cornerstone to improving my mobility, strength, and vitality. Days of faithful practice might go by without a problem, but then suddenly I'd be right back where I started. The same was true of cycling. I'd be fine until my hip decided it had had enough and kept me from sitting and standing. Ugh, was there no way past this?

It was probably out of boredom with the ritual return and abandonment of yoga and cycling that brought me to something I hadn't really care much for since I was too young to get into the bar; weightlifting. I can't say this would be the answer for everyone, but as I eased into this as a part of the routine and integrated some yoga and cycling along side it, the pain fairly quickly disappeared and hasn't returned.

I'm not writing this as a prescription for weight lifting and imaging that this is the solution for anyone with damaged joints and chronic pain, but I am trying to emphasise the importance of leaning solely on passive remedies that simply involve ingesting or rubbing on a bit of relief. These solutions have their place, but real healing, if it's possible, may mean much more than letting some external chemistry tweak your internal chemistry. Healing is always a journey and this might mean a little exploration with an open mind.

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