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Our Story

Bud Rub began sometime in the late 1990s while I was trying to find a treatment for my wife's cold sores. Once I moved to the West Coast and started sharing it more widely it became clear people were using it for arthritis pain and pain due to injuries. Alert Bay, Bud Rub's home, has many people who work with their hands fishing, mining, logging, or creating great works of art. Bud Rub has been a popular treatment for those aches and pains earned doing hard work and long hours.

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Bud Rub is a unique blend of essential oils in a base of hemp seed oil, almond oil, and beeswax. Typically the product is 90% absorbed in about 10 minutes and begins working shortly afterward. As a tip for better absorption, apply it after a shower or bath while the skin is still damp. Over the years people have written me to tell me the many ways they use the Rub. Some people rub it on their temples or neck to relieve headaches. Some swear by it for their fibromyalgia. Others use it for their eczema, or scrapes and burns. When ever there is inflammation and pain, Bud Rub is a good choice. I like to keep a jar in the car, the office, and the kitchen. Those are three places I find I most regret not having one handy.

Farend Natural Products (our business name) is located in Alert Bay and as a small business we employ a few local people. It's a beautiful place to live and visit and I recommend a visit to Alert Bay. Hike the trails, see the totem poles, visit the big house, or take a whale watching adventure. Bring a mountain bike, its a great way to see the island.

I like to think we are dedicated to doing something greater than making some money to stay in business so we can make a little more money. Of course the original impetus for creating Bud Rub was to help people botanical remedies, but I was drawn to using hemp because I believed in the value of the plant. Its tremendous potential told me it had a special place in human economics. So advocating for cannabis generally and hemp specifically has long been a personal passion of mine and in our own small way we are helping make hemp the ubiquitous commodity it should be. In my opinion hemp is the ultimate "solution" sequestering large amounts of carbon with its rapid growth. What's more it has the potential to replace trees as a source of both building materials and paper. A double win by growing hemp while leaving thre trees up. Of course there are many more benefits and I like to think that by producing a product that uses hemp the Earth benefits.