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Customer Comments


Carol - Red Deer

“I love this product, great for overactive legs and any kind of pain. My 80 plus year old parents are in love with product also. Helps them sleep better.


Comments from Facebook

“Tried this for the first time today, pain relief almost immediately. Wonderful stuff.”

“Ok my fellow fibromyalgia worriers ... let’s be honest we all have spent countless dollars on deep rub / hot rub / cold rub/Lakota/ A535 and so on with little to absolutely no relief.... well have I come across something for you! Honestly the only rub that I’ve ever used that actually works. I understand your pain BC Bud Rub it’s magic on your finger tips!”

“Was using bud rub on my sore muscles, later that day I realized it had worked wonders on the eczema on my hands, which i have suffered with for 20 odd years, it took the itch and pain away, something my dermatologist would have never been able to help me with... thank you so much Bud Rub.”

“I've been buying Bud Rub for a while now, I find it really helpful. Chapped lips clean up before the day is over. It's good on small cuts and scrapes,and dry skin like hand and feet. It really helps if your toes itch after a days work. You'll notice the change right away. ... Mostly I use it for my arthritis, sore joints in my fingers and left foot. also, I use it for headaches and muscle aches..”

“Wish I had a tub full of this stuff so I could just roll around in it! Not only has it eased the pain in my joints but it's clearing up a skin condition that prescription steroid cream was not even touching. Thank you BC Bud Rub, you just may be my new best friend!.”


Diane - Gravenhurst

I have purchased this product many times, it is terrific in relieving aches and arthritis pains in my hands - delivery is fast and you get good value for your money.


Judy - Calgary

It works so well. Happy to have this product. I use it when necessary not everyday.


Patty - Medicine Hat

I love your product. It really helps my arthritis. Whenever I order, the product arrives in a timely fashion. Thank you.


Robert - Alert Bay

"Love it for my arthritis"


Comments from Amazon

“My husband has been using it for the last month for his back pain. It provides almost immediate relief for him. This is our second jar and I suspect we will be ordering more.”

“My sister uses it. She was the person who recommended it to us. It works well for her.
“I think for some people it will be very helpful..”

“I have been suffering from chronic pain for over 9 years from a MVA. I've tried every type of therapy, medication, and topical. Bud Rub is definitely my favorite. Also, I want to send a huge shout out for the great customer service from the owner of the company. At the time that Amazon wasn't carrying this product, he still did everything in his power to provide the best service to his customers all the way across the country. Thank you 💕.”

“This product, when used regularly, has immensely helped my shoulder and neck stiffness/soreness. I use at night as it does smell like cannabis and I don't want my coworkers to think I'm stoned at work!! 😆.”

“Very happy that it is back on Amazon. This product does miracles for my arthritis. I've been using it for more than a year and always get the same quick and lasting relieve.”

“This is the best stuff. Helps with all my achiness from weather changes . Highly recommend ..”

“I have used this product for a couple years for my hands, forearms and knees. Good for Carpal tunnel, arthritis, sore muscles, swollen muscles.”


Deborah - Calgary

I have been ordering your budrub for a few years now. Your product has helped my husband's knees greatly. Thank you for your great product and service.Keep up the good work"


Janis - Saint John

Always happy to get my Bud Rub. It has been a wonder for me. My orders are always on time. Experience has been great. Keep up the good work.


Marcia - Brantford

“I love this cream as I can’t sleep without applying to my feet before bed. I have neuropathy and it definitely helps with the constant pain my feet are in."


Ray - Tecumseh

Great product, no problem with shipping, easy ordering. I would give a 5 star review. Very reliable company to do business with.


Sue - North Saanich

I love this product! I suffer with terrible pain in my legs and knees and this is the nicest rub I have used. I use other products which have more of a medicinal kick as well, but your salve rubs into my skin beautifully, has a scent that I am not allergic to and leave build-up or greasy fell. I love it! I am also so impressed that it comes from Alert Bay!

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