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Too little, too late. Good bye my friend.

Kaidence passed away from the cancer on Monday October 2 after so many years by my side. The hope I had of saving her from this disease were taken from me when I used up my on-hand supply in a matter of 10 days. I knew I would have to keep up the treatment if I had any hope of succeeding. I went to the nearest dispensary which is over 200 km away to get some more and was stunned at the prices. My earlier supply had been sent to me from out of the country and was much less expensive, but would have been slow to replace. It would have cost me over $70 a day to continue of the dose I was giving her, a sum I could not afford.

I'm not the first person to find medical cannabis too expensive to be a realistic option. It was often assumed by myself that the high cost of good smoke was due, at least in part, to its criminal status. That wasn't quite right I suspect. I had, many years ago now, this silly idea that this wonder plant would be freely and openly grown in a legal environment bringing the price down to a level that ordinary working people could afford it. The law of supply and demand would work its magic and anyone in need of some good quality cannabis products would be able to find them at a reasonable price. That certainly isn't the place we are at now, and it doesn't look like the place we are heading.

In spite of the legal environment cannabis users were forced to endure for the past many decades, the market was probably closest to a free market we are ever going to see. Instead of allowing a market place that was already functioning to see the legal light of day, the old crony network has decided to opt for a heavily regulated industry run by people corrupt or incompetent enough to have poisoned many of our veterans. And the prices are still too high.

What is worse is the lack of real change in the hemp industry where the much needed CBD could have come from to help my friend who had to leave us too soon. Articles in newspapers and magazines are wet with drool soaked articles on how much money is going to be made selling cannabis through government regulated (or run) dispensaries. I'm sure CBD products will be a part of that mix, but will it be something affordable as a crop like hemp should be? Cannabis should be a lightly regulated product or we will all pay a very stiff price... every time we visit a government run store. For the sake of everyone we know who has or will get cancer, we need to ask our MPs to simply repeal the cannabis laws and let the marketplace continue to do the better job it has already been doing.


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